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Registrieren Test server back online (Updated 18:37 due to taking the test server offline)


Unfortunately we have to take the test servers offline again (as outlined as a potential outcome in the text below).

To those that tried to access the server, thank you, even though the games could not connect, this data will help us to narrow down the cause of the issues.

Thanks for your understanding


The test servers are coming back. As some of you may have noticed, we encountered some unforeseen issues last night that resulted in having to take the servers offline much sooner than anticipated. While we have made some changes to potentially resolve these issues, we need to make you are aware that there is a high chance that we will once again need to take the servers offline early.

We understand this is a very frustrating thing to happen just as we bring a significant update to the test server (we found it frustrating too), but it is necessary to do this so that we can effectively investigate the matter as well as avoid prolonging the frustration that would inevitably come from not being able to connect to a mission.

Today’s test will essentially be aimed at ensuring the test server is working as intended. Here are the changes:

  • We will not use a copy of your live account and instead new accounts will get created:
    • All accounts will still have access to all the new 1.5 items.
    • Due to the new accounts, you will have to load in the tutorial once at least (You can just load and leave the tutorial right away to skip it).
    • Accounts will have gunslinger mode by default, it can be changed in the options.
  • We have removed the inactive russian region.

If these changes do not help, then please be aware that we may have to take the servers offline again to continue our investigations.

As always, thank you for taking the time to help us with these tests. It really does help, and it is greatly appreciated by all of us on the Hunt team.


~The Hunt team.
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  1. Heute Abend schau ich mal ob die Test-Server online sind. Eventuell streame ich dann auch smile | Hunt together, die alone
    • 27 Februar 2021 13:35
  2. man bekommt die special munition leider erst sehr spät. man muss also erst mal hoch lvln bevor man die special hat.
    • 11 März 2021 14:41